Briefing provided by PYD on Apr 23 2009
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Site Briefing
Approximate location
47° 33.41' N 122° 24.40' W
Brief description
AKA Alki Fishing Reef
Advanced certification recommended
Strong current. Boat traffic.
Artificial reefs placed by WDFW in the 1970s. There are several piles of rubble here.
Depth is 50-75 fsw. Current can be strong. Bottom composition is sand/mud. Heavy boat traffic. Source of data: Russel Helsley 2001 - Great Dive Sites of Washington's Inland Waters
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Started by
Jared Jensen
Oct 18 2009
3:46 PM
Posts: 1, Last post by Jared Jensen at October 18 2009 3:46 PM
Dived this for the first time yesterday after doing KVI. You can easily spend your entire dive around just one of the rock piles. We found lots of large octopus and ling cod, and tons of rockfish. The rock piles are huge and completely covered in plumose anemones.

One of the local operators has placed a buoy on the site at the NW corner of one of the rock piles. Currently, it was a small green buoy attached to a concrete-filled trash can, which had slid about 50 ft from the site.
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Alki Pipeline
A long rock pile that covers an old buried pipeline
Alki Junkyard
Aka Alki-n-64th