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Aqua Maniacs
The Aqua Maniacs are affiliated with Underwater Sports in Tacoma.
Members: 26
Aquarius Dive Club
Aquarius Dive Club is a recreational SCUBA Club based at CFB Esquimalt. Made up of Military Members, DND Employees and some civilians, we organize weekly shore dives and boat dives aboard our 24 foot dive boat. We also organize dive trips outside Victoria to places such as Chemainus, Nanaimo, Campbell River and Telegraph Cove. We offer air fills and dive training at very reasonable prices to our members. More info can be found on our website:
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We're a laid-back, open-minded group who dives regularly on Wednesday nights after work. Dives are generally followed by a refreshing beverage at a nearby watering-hole.

Our group is open to divers of all experience levels. We don't follow any particular way of thinking or gear configuration as long as you dive safe.

We're always looking for new dive buddies...feel free to join, and watch for our "public" event announcements as well.
Members: 55
Club TLSea
A dive club for experience and fun.
Members: 14
Cold PP Club
always a good time
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Emerald Sea Dive Club
The Emerald Sea Dive Club is a SCUBA diving club based out of Edmonds, in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. The club is open to all levels of scuba divers (non-divers are also welcome!).

Our club is comprised of members who love to dive the Pacific Northwest (and the world!) and want to be able to both share and participate in that experience with fellow divers. If you are interested in what we are about and what we do, why not come to our next monthly meeting to meet some of the members and find out more?

The ESDC meets at 7pm every first Wednesday of the month at Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill & Pub (downstairs in the banquet room), located at 122 128th St SE, Everett, WA 98208, #425-338-5754. We also invite you to check out our Website for further club and meeting details. Want to find out more about what we're up to? You are also welcome to e-mail our Activities Coordinator--->
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Friends of Duck-Duck
Friends of Duck Duck is loosely associated with Seattle Scuba Schools in Seattle, WA. This group was created in order to help folks who get certified with or often dive with Seattle Scuba to find other folks to dive with and generally get wet!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The official "Club Dives" sponsored by Seattle Scuba are listed here:

Dives listed on this group are NOT official "Club Dives", meaning there will NOT BE A DIVEMASTER ON THE BEACH and there will be no liability paperwork involved. This is a way for folks to hook up to go diving, nothing more!
Members: 12
Marker Buoys Dive Club
Marker Buoy Dive Club is one of the most active dive clubs in the Pacific Northwest. Membership level is around 150. Club-sponsored activities include over 100 dives each year, dive planning parties, an annual picnic at Woodland Park, and an annual banquet.

Monthly meetings are held at the Sunset Community Center in Ballard. The meetings give members an opportunity to give reports on club dives of the previous month, information on upcoming dives, and occasionally slide and video presentations of dives. Often, a guest speaker related to scuba diving, the marine environment, or something of interest to divers is featured every month.
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Moss Bay Dive Club
Your *active* Dive Club for the Pacific Northwest and Seattle area! Lots of dives, great dive buddies, lots of training, awesome non-diving events and fun, fun, fun! Just check the calendar of past and future events and compare!

Come SCUBA dive with us! We are diving just about everywhere in the Puget Sound region, and frequently venture out to world class coldwater diving in Canada as well as to international warm water diving locations! We hold club meetings monthly in Kirkland, Washington, just outside of Seattle.

First Year Membership is Free!
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Moss Bay Divers
From the Emerald Sea to the Worlds Oceand
Great Lakes to the Great Rivers
Experience Diving Adventure with
Moss Bay Divers
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Northwest Adventure Divers
NW Adventure Divers merged with Puget Sound Depth Chargers. You can get information about their dives at The Depth Chargers work out of Scubaset Adventure Center in Puyallup.

Thank for your interest and Happy Diving.

Our philosophy is that of conservation, education, sharing and of course fun and diving. By sharing our love of the ocean and all of its life, by educating those around us, we help promote the conservation of our underwater world by doing what it is that we love to do.
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Oregon Scuba Club
Agency and shop independent dive club.
We welcome all people who are interested in all types of diving.

Dive meetings and monthly organized dives.
Hood Canal, Puget Sound, the Oregon Coast and Lakes.
Members: 3
Pacific North West CCR Divers
It was recently brought up buy a few CCR divers that I know that we do not have a CCR club in the Pacific North West (aka Washington, Oregon, and Idaho). This has left it difficult for some to find dive Buddies. So we have put this group together to try and help CCR divers to meet each other and to plan dives together.

I ask that you fill in your details so it is easier for each of us to see were you are and what type of diving that you do.

Profile Sections
Basic information
About me
My location
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Looking for buddies

This way if say a CCR Trimix boat trip is planned only those who are certified for that will be PM'ed. Everyone else will see it as a group event but they are not bothered with a personal invite.

Please let me (Loanwolf) know if their is anything that you see that we can do to make this site work better for all of us.

Thank You
and Good Diving
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Pacific Northwest Scuba Divers
From the Emerald Sea to the Worlds Oceans
The Great Lakes to the Great Rivers
Experience Diving Adventure with
Pacific Northwest Scuba
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The official group.
Members: 44
Salish Sea Explorers
Come explore with us, above and below the water!
Members: 8
Spongebob Crew
Committed to laughter, camaraderie, and truly living. 100% certified in bubble therapy.
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Surface Interval Society
Welcome to Surface Interval Society. We are a social club for Oregon and Washington divers, and are based out of the Blue Element Scuba and Adventure Center dive shop located in Salem, OR. We welcome snorkelers, scuba divers AND non-divers who are interested in scuba diving and our oceans, whether the beautiful Oregon coast, the Washington waters or tropical destinations.

The goals of Surface Interval Society is to bring together Oregon divers to explore Oregon dive sites, to give new scuba divers opportunities to dive more in their home waters of Oregon and Washington, to bring experienced divers out and get them into the water more often, to facilitate the pairing of new divers with mentors, and to spend time together above the water to share stories and build community.

If you're new to scuba diving in Oregon and want others with more experience to dive with, this group is for you. If your an old salty diver and need a buddy this group is also for you. If you have never been scub
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VIUE Underwater Explorers
Vancouver Island Underwater Explorers (VIUE)

We are a group of divers whose mission is simply to explore the spectacular underwater sites of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

We are passionate about Vancouver Island diving, and utilize a team approach for exploring our waters. This club was set up to stimulate the coordination of Vancouver Island dives.
Members: 4