We built this site a few years ago as a tool to help manage our super busy dive schedules. Sifting through dozens of emails trying to plan a single dive, trying to follow who could dive when and where, was getting too difficult, so we built an online planner and "encouraged" our buddies to use it. =)

Since then, PYD has been spreading by word of mouth, and we've been adding new features (and improving old ones) to help ensure it's providing real value to the entire diving community.

The goals of PYD

1) Make it as easy as possible for divers, especially newer ones, to find quality information about places to dive, people to dive with, and shops to provide sales, rentals and fills.

2) Help divers identify the critters they encounter "down there" via an extensive and easily-searchable gallery of high quality photos.

3) Keep shops busy and instructors employed by increasing the number of divers looking for gear and instruction.

Have an idea for an improvement or a problem you need to report?

Fantastic, we'd love to hear it! We encourage you to post your ideas and experience, good or bad, on the PlanYourDive.com Facebook Fan Page. If your comment isn't really fit for public consumption, you can catch us by email at ideas@planyourdive.com, instead.

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully we'll see you in the water soon!